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Saturday, 31 May 2014


I saw this on the internet and I found it hilarious and a bit too true in my case. Check out my answers in the comments section and see for yourself. Give it a try and type out your own result for laughs. 

Life is too short not to have fun, so let's go. :)


  1. B - You like people (Indeed I do, I always see the best in them)
    U - You really like to chill (Absolutely right and I totally did last night, hehe)
    K - You are wild and crazy (Frozen stare O.O)
    I - You are popular with all types of people (Ahem, say what? Lol)

    Over to you reader........ :)

  2. M- Best Kisser ever (lol so have been told)
    E- Great in bed (hummm cough!)
    R- Fuck*ng crazy (I don't think I am that bad)
    C- You are really silly (oh yes! That's true)
    Y- Best boy/girlfriend anyone can ask for (Awwh)

    This was fun!

    1. Oh my days, this cracked me up badly. Lmaooooooo

  3. F- love to Drink ( OMG yes)
    O- Crazy ( true dat)
    L- Unbelievably great in bed( Lobatan)
    U - you really like to chile ( oh yes I do, no dulling)...Lol
    K - you are really wild and crazy ( I get warri blood soooo...)
    E - great in bed ( Toh! I rest my case...LMAOL)

    1. Lmao. Hilarious and definitely spot on. Hehehehehe

  4. I D I A T - popular with all types of pple, ONE in a million, easy to fall in love with, loyal to the ones you love. Thanks much, I appreciate the gospel truth. One love!!! Lollll

    1. Lol. Na real gospel truth. Time to do the Monie version Hun. Lmaooooo

  5. W, you are very broad minded
    U, you really like to chill
    N, you like to drink
    M, best kisser ever
    I, you are popular with all sorts of people

    This game is spot on for meπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

    1. Very spot on Whoomz. I told you it would be fun. Ofkess I dunno if you are a good kisser or nay. Hehehehehe (dodges your flying heel)

  6. Loooool, Now I guess my ''craze'' has been confirmed

    R - Fucking Crazy (I thought I'd dropped that tag)
    E - Great in bed (Ahem...Pls translate to English)
    M - Best Kisser ever (as long as say no be A** Kisser)
    I - You are popular with all types of people (Blank stare)

    Went a step further..did the surname too

    O - Crazy (Not again.....)
    P - Great in bed (I said I don't speak Spanish!!)
    A - Easy to fall in love with (cc'ing all my 'enemies')
    K - You are wild and crazy (I'm beginning to believe this myself)
    U - You really like to chill (Sips Alomo flavoured Gulder)
    N - You like to drink (There's a global call to get one's ''beering'' right)
    L - Unbelievably great in bed (sigh, sounds like German after all)
    E - Great in Bed (O.K....Now I'm convinced!!!)

    Loooooool, This was fun,
    Good one ! ! !

    1. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Remi ooooooo. Great one. Na you biko. LOL

  7. S - You are dead sexy ( yeah right i am)
    H - You are quirky ( am i?...naaaaa)
    A - You are easy to fall in love with ( very down to earth)
    U - You really like to chill ( yes i do)
    N - You Like to drink ( lolz water baa cos i hardly take alchohol)

    I'll rate this 90%....

    welldone babes


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