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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Boys Will Be Boys..... Really? -_-

Hi everyone, all my life I've come across the words "boys will be boys" and while I always thought it was unfair that they got to have all the fun with that excuse while us girls had to act all prim and proper all the time (I was a bit of a tomboy anyway, so prim and proper wasn't me, lol.), I didn't realize until a few minutes ago how it could also mean "boys are always going to act all silly, no mater what age they get to".

Now before you get all macho on me (hehehe), that second meaning came from a comment someone made after we read the news about the drunken Louisiana chaps who found an alligator by the side of the road and decided to do the world some good by moving it off the road and clear up the traffic it could have caused!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LMAO. Those were my sort of reaction when I first read the headline and by the time I read the full story I was like:

They tried to go all Steve Irwin on the 'gator, never mind their lack of experience and inebriated states. Of cos one of then got bit and needed 80 stitches on his hand. Methinks he was really lucky he got to keep the whole hand because the 'gator could have easily snapped his arm off, kpakam!

Oh well, like he said 'Definitely fortunate, God was watching over me,'. Yinmu. If I were God, I'd have prolly slapped him across the face with the whole alligator before letting him off, hehehe

Hopefully, they've learned from that experience and hopefully the chap who got stuck in the sculpture of a vagina in Germany last Friday has also learnt his lesson. Sigh, boys will indeed always be boys.

And these ones ........................

                                                                         Hopefully it's Photoshopped because FLOTUS isn't to be messed with, no?

Anyway, I'm off to knock some extra sense into my boy's head. #NoTime :)



  1. Lol..Boys will definitely always be boys.

  2. Toyin Akinlade25 June 2014 at 16:41

    This is your funniest post so far. I read with my mouth open and a laugh at the end. Abeg free Barack o after all boys will be boys hahaha.

    1. Lol. Thanks hun....... Barack sef join o. :)

  3. Fun read. . . . Fast becoming a fan. .


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