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Saturday, 14 June 2014

#BringBackTheOldGames #Fun

Hello everyone, hope your weekend is going on well?

Remember way back, before the internet and modern entertainment took over the world, when outdoor games were everything? I was taken back to that period during the week when my friend,  Luan wrote a post on Facebook about getting her handsome little son off the computer and out in the yard to teach him how to play hop-scotch (in Nigeria, this is known as "suwe", Hehehehehe).

Outdoor games kept us very fit and engaged back in the days. Society was also much more safer back then, so there were no major worries about random evil snatching us away, like it happens these days.  Besides riding their bicycles in the yard and using the paddle pool (mostly when they are visiting their grandparents), I'm embarrassed to say my "troops" don't get involved in outdoor games as much as I did while growing up.

Thanks to the insight from Luan and the flashback of wonderful memories from my childhood of playing 'ten-ten', suwe, hide and seek, skipping, running, climbing trees (yes, I thoroughly loved climbing trees back then, lol) sadly there are not so many trees around to climb anymore.:( , I intend to teach my own children these fun outdoor games and help them have fun and keep fit while at it.

What outdoor games did you enjoy most while growing up?


  1. Toyin Akinlade15 June 2014 at 15:58

    Bukky be forming tush there o. Is it not boju boju oloro mbo you used to play that time? You are now calling it hide and seek here. Continue diaris God in everything we are doing. πŸ˜‚

  2. Gosh! I love this blog! :) Bring them back please! :)

  3. Lolz @ toyin's comment. i loved "mother may i", suwe, ten-ten, hide n seek and also acting drama with my siblings n frds. i also used to love karaokee but dis time without d box, we'll just mime d songs with invisible guitar n microphones..#brg back d old games# indeed

  4. Awwww such fun we had then, ten ten was my favorite and the group is never complete without me. our kids are sure missing out...wont it just be so good to bring back the old games?


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