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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Charity Still Begins At Home With YOU.

Gone are the days when principles, manners and the likes were taught in school and instilled in us by our parents and older ones. You dare not go past an older stranger without greeting, talk less of forgetting your "please and thank you".

These days, it appears like the parents have left these teachings to the teachers, who in turn have left them to the religious tutors who in turn have other topics in mind while expecting the parents and academic teachers to have done the needful. And thus the vicious circle of moral decay in the society spins on. -__-

The buck does not not stop with your children and wards though, you must take it further by letting other people know how to decipher wrong from right. No man is an island and the unruly children you ignore today might be the ones to influence your own well brought up children.

I am not even going to go into the sorts of moral decadence we have sunk into, rather I would try to proffer some solutions to getting back on track.

*Home Front: Parents, relatives and guardians need to understand that it is their core responsibilities to raise children right. I am not the perfect parent or aunt but I know that teaching children the basics like greetings, courtesy, manners, kindness, and so on from an early stage helps to form and build their characters as they grow into teens and adults. We must not, in our vain and distorted quest to appear cool, neglect to train our children and wards right. We would suffer for it when we are old and grey, trust me.

*School: At the elementary school stage, social studies which focuses generally first on community and family values need to be taught and incorporated into ALL curriculum. By secondary school level (middle and high school),  this curriculum ought to become more discipline-based and content-specific.Many children who appear unruly and over-pampered at home, very often respect and listen to their teachers' opinions better.

*Religious Front: The religious houses have the largest follower-ship thus putting them in key positions to influence positive changes in our society. Growing up, the absolute fear of God was put in me. Even when I erred, I would quickly and frightfully repent. When I became older and realized that the perversion in the church was on a high, I derailed. I discovered that most preachers were all about the do-as-I-say-but-don't-doas-I-do life. Sorry loves, but it doesn't not work like that. Be that example for others to seek after and follow. Let your own lives be exemplary of your beliefs and teachings such as would be absorbed by children and adults. If you cannot stand the heat, then by all means step out of the kitchen rather than cause others to believe it is alright to lack morals.

The one thing I know is that we cannot merely sit around and do nothing. What role will you play in ensuring positive changes around you?

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  1. Very true talk o Buki....hmmmmh we all ve a role to play

    1. Indeed we all do, we cannot leave things to chance anymore.

  2. "The unruly children you ignore today might be the ones to influence your well brought up children" Word!


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