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Friday, 13 June 2014


Hi everyone, by now you would think everyone on earth should be familiar with the search engine Google (you do know that's what google is, right? hehehe) , but NO! It's as strange as a three-breasted human to quite a few.

I for one, love love love the fact that Google can make even the bluntest knife in the rack appear sharp IF ONLY, people would actually make use of it (and it's likes). It is rather patronizing of some people who know about Google and it's vast knowledge, to ask the silliest questions or even go on a tirade of arguments when they could have Googled the answer.

Of course there are some annoying internet addicts who depend ENTIRELY  on search engines to even know how much breadth to take first thing in the morning (fine that was an exaggeration, but still. hehehe) and that's just so wrong. I remember conducting an interview once and the young chappie kept reaching for his phone. I gave him my hardest stare ofkess -_- #CreatureOfHabit

So, good people, ensure you make the right (Yup, not just earching for random rubbish and filth, face ya work o. LMAO) use of your internet search engines. Google is like that neighborhood uncle that knows EVERYTHING. :)


P.s. Type the word "askew" into your Google search engine and watch your page screen tilt. Amazing thing I learnt just this morning. :)

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