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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Just A Game :)

Hello and happy Saturday. I'm off to a work thing today. So I thought I'd drop this here and sound you all out. :)  Don't hold back, let me know your choices and reasons.

For me, it has to be Pink because there are way too many wounds/sicknesses/diseases (I added those two, wounds aren't enough. #OliverTwistMode Lol) out here these days that I wish I could just wish away.

I might have more choices after I've read yours. Hehehehe. Go for it. ;)


  1. Oooooh! Can I choose 2?


    Ok I choose red!.....,no pink!

    Pink it is!

    1. Lmaooooooo. Just lookatew and ya longer throat. hehehehe, To be honest, orange and yellow caught my eyes ooooooo. :)

  2. Yellow it is.....lolz, remind me of dat Mel Gibson movie "What Women Wants"

  3. Pink it is for me. I worry a lot mostly for other people. So I will love to be able to make life easier for the people in my life, and those I don't even know


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