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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Results Will Cancel Insults. #RandomMusings

Whose daughter must be kidnapped and snatched away before they #BringBackOurGirls ; whose son must be slaughtered before they get real and serious with terrorism? 😑

Daily people are being killed needlessly. What exactly is our government doing to protect us from terrorists? They took an oath to protect and serve the people!

When you set out to vote in the presidential election, remember the noisy silence and inaction of the government on terrorism in Nigeria.

Remember the dozens of Yobe school boys slaughtered IN their schools. Remember their anguish as they fled and tried to escape but never got the chance to.

Remember that NO ONE has yet been brought to book for THOSE gruesome murders. Remember the victims of Nyanya bombings, gone just like that.

Remember the school girls kidnapped, raped, beaten, forced to become wives, forced to convert to Islam, probably forced to use leaves* (?) as pads!

Remember their parents, their breaking hearts and dimming hopes of ever seeing their children alive. Remember their siblings' aching hearts.

Remember the families who have lost loved ones to stray bullets of drunk and unruly police, ill-equipped to handle the job thrust on them.

Remember those who have lost parents, children, siblings needlessly to avoidable road accidents due to bad roads and shit road laws.

Remember those who have been raped and demeaned because the law and society protects rapists above victims.

Remember the thousands of needless deaths due to ill-equipped hospitals whose funds have been diverted to the pockets of greedy morons!

Remember your own sleepless nights due to the noisy generators of your neighbors. Remember your car shocks shot due to terrible state of our roads.

Remember all of these when you set out to vote. Vote with sense. Vote for those you are sure would get there and do right by Nigerians.

The ball is in your court.



  1. my heart bleed for our country and the senseless death...pray tell me what is the criteria?how do we know those that will do right by us?

  2. @ buzbee true talk o, we just dont the right leader cos dey all get corrupt when dey get there. Only God can intervene o....hmmmh


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