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Thursday, 19 June 2014

The Day Of Reckoning Beckons..........

This post is not to incite anything other than positive action in the right direction in our quest for change.

Over the past couple of years, I have tweeted, talked, chatted, and so on about the need to start asking the right questions in Nigeria. Unless we begin to hold our "leaders" accountable for not meeting up to their civic responsibilities and oaths they swore, to put the plight of Nigerians first before their grubby fingers and bulging pockets, we are simply heading for DOOM!

We all need to do some soul searching and forward thinking lest we end up destroying ourselves or be destroyed by those we have allowed to be unjustly destroyed while we stood and did nothing.

In modern Nigeria, team spirit is almost like a myth. Almost everyone finds solace in saving just their necks and those of their immediate families rather than fighting for the collective good of the society.

Your roads are bad, but rather than all come together, march up to the office of the local government chairman, you complain about it and then buy an SUV. Meanwhile, those not so fortunate neighbors of yours are "side-eyeing" you.

You don't have steady supply of power, but rather than march to the PHCN (or whatever name they are going by these days), you buy a few generator sets by the size and use them for your own comfort. Still, the not so fortunate neighbors grit their teeth and watch you.

You do not have potable water, so you build a borehole rather than task the Water Cooperation to do the needful, and then complain when your neighbors (whose alternative is to use a sunken well) come swinging their buckets to get some clean water. They lay watching.

And the list goes on.................

The truth is this, one day (soon, maybe?) the poor and underprivileged will snap and say ENOUGH!  They will be hungry and angry and vindictive. They won't listen to any reasoning at this junction. They will listen to no one.

Then they will lash out. Now guess what? They won't target the politicians who have made ALL of our lives miserable nor the wealthy or rich who have not done enough to stop this country from disintegrating into the gloomy doom of abject poverty and corruption it's gotten into. They would not be able to see nor access them.

 Rather, they will come for YOU and I!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's the plain and honest truth. They see us as the threat. They can reach us. We go past them daily without asking how they are or if they have eaten or why they are not in school. :(

They will eat You and I. 

If you think I am paranoid or exaggerating about this issue, take a long and reflective look and the pictures below. It's a real life experience that happened a few days ago to a young man named Bukola(@zebbook on twitter), which he tweeted about. .

I shuddered when I read it but was I surprised? No, I wasn't. There are some core issues in Nigeria that, if we do not tackle and sort out ASAP, would come around to consume us in the nearest future.

Thanks for reading. Remember to act right.

Have a lovely day and be #AllHeartsAlways

p.s Someone was nice enough to drop a link to an insightful article in the comment box. It is a must-read for us all; .


  1. Toyin Akinlade19 June 2014 at 12:47

    This scared me and got me thinking too. Well done Bukky.

    1. My dear, as scary as it is, the aim is not to create fear, but enlightenment and to seek possible solutions to these menace fast. We all need to think and proffer solutions o.

      Thanks for caring enough to read and comment hun. :)

  2. I think everyone should read this article.

    1. Indeed we all need to read that. Gosh. o.O
      I will include that link beneath my original post. Thanks for sharing, Temitayo.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks hun, let's all play our parts o. :)

  4. In a sense the thugs are very correct abt the kind of leader nig needs. . . . .,A thug!
    Someone that is able to dive into d grit and gunk fast. . . .Without fear of getting their manicured nails dirty. Well done Buki. .

    1. I think so too Fatee. I also think we need someone who is genuinely competent and passionate about positive change. Someone who wouldn't care whose ox is gored in this quest to eradicate corruption. Until then......

      p.s Thanks for stopping by and commenting though. :)


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