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Monday, 16 June 2014

This Rotten Lemon Of A Life.

How's your day going? Mine's not going so badly. It was brilliantly busy and fine until a short while ago when I got some not so good news from someone close to my heart. Life has given her lemons. :(
How come no one really prepared us for how hard adulthood is and how life can get at times?

Methinks here should have been at least two special elective courses in our first year at University going something like "Life 001- Introduction to Life's Tantrums" and of course "Life 002- How To Survive Life And Kick Its Hairy Butt", a sequel to the former. -__-

In the absence of these Life changing (pun unintended, or not) courses, whenever Life deals you a hard hand, I say look Life in the eye squarely and fight back. I have been there so I do know what I am talking about. I don't just go by the twitter handle @Survivor17 by error, I coined it during one of the times Life sucker punched me in the gut. (I would probably share those Survivor stories in other posts).

You can either sulk and have a pity-party that no one is invited to or lash out at others while you are down......

Or get up and kick-ass and get out of the fix onto a newer and better level.

I am not saying the journey would be easy, all I am promising you is is that with the right amount of positive energy and support, you will rise above and succeed in becoming a better person in the face of any challenge.

So chin up, cheer up, strategize and become a #SuccessfulSurvivor. I hope this encourages everyone going through some difficult phases at the moment, to overcome their challenges. I'm rooting for you.

#WhoopWhoop. #ImpossibleIsNothing


  1. True word.thumbs up buki

  2. I can totally relate with this, and I'm sure lots of people can do so too

    ...for 16 months I battled depression,
    I got up every morning at 6am, looked in the mirror, and repeated loudly to myself :-

    ''I will survive this bitter period with my sanity intact''

    It took time, there were lots of scars and mistakes...but guess what?

    I MADE IT!!

    If I can, anybody can...

    Thanks Buki, hope your words will heal someone and give them hope...and faith, and the grit to keep keeping on!!

    1. Thank you so much Remi. I'm sure your story will motivate a whole lot of people as well. Indeed, you're a true survivor. #SuckOnThatLife :)

  3. So true Buki, i believe a lot of people can totally relate to this from different platforms, either work, relationships, finances, health, spiritual challenges. The only difference is how we all choose to handle the situation ( what to make of the lemons) having a great disposition sometime is a great start, it sounds crazy but it does help, no matter what the situation is just make the best of it and be determined to pull through.

    Nice 1 Buki, you always make my visit here worth it. : )

    1. You're so on point Fofo, having a great disposition is key however bad the situation is.

      Thanks for the kind compliment. Your visits and comments spur me on. :)

  4. This is really not easy cos at times, when dose lemons re thrown at u i.e. dese challenges, u just want to sulk or prbly blame d world...but like u sd, its always sound impossible until it is done....

    Kudos babe, keep it up

  5. Life has been giving me lemons for a while now in some aspects of my life and I have cried me a river too long and decided to squeeze them up and make lemonade. It just has to give way for me! I want to believe I will come out STRONGER. Nice post.


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