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Monday, 23 June 2014

What Would You Do?

Happy new week, good people. I wish us all a splendidly prosperous week ahead.

Last Saturday, while waiting at the till to pick up a cake order in a confectionery shop, I noticed one of the waitresses take up a coffee order. I didn't know they served coffee, even though I checked while I waited. Their coffee section was placed behind a rather "busy" show glass filled with distracting munchies, so I pardoned myself for not noticing. (Even though I should have asked, right? Moving on.... Lol) 

While I was still thinking to myself that I should have had a latte rather than the fizzy drink I had with my croissant, I suddenly noticed the waitress raise a pack of coffee to her lips and rip it open with her teeth!!!! O.O I was mortified. 

Suddenly the fizzy drink I was just regretting I had had felt far better and safer.  Seeing as I couldn't 'unsee' what I had just seen, I knew I couldn't keep silent on it. Now, in as much as I didn't want to get the girl in trouble, I knew speaking up was the only way she could learn, change her crude ways and help the store retain customers (they've lost me already when it comes to coffee matters). 

I subtly asked the till manager (I deduced this was her line manager, and I was right) if she didn't think placing a scissors by their coffee section would be better and more hygienic for all concerned. She looked as stunned as I was earlier. She immediately asked the girl if she'd used a scissors or not. I sort of came to the waitress's defence, while pointing out that the issue was a lack of scissors in the right place. The girl was chastised, they apologized and a scissors was found pronto!

The morale of this post is this, when you see something being done wrongly or illegally, ensure you do your best to rectify it. There's no point in wishing things away because life is not a magical tale. As responsible human beings, it is our duties to act right and correct wrongdoings around us. This is the only way to build a better society. 

For every wrong you shield, you merely sweep the dirt under the proverbial carpet and there it festers until it becomes a deadly monster stronger than us.  No matter the collateral damage one might incur, speaking out is always a better option, as it gives change a chance. 

#Act #WWYD #AllHeartsAlways

Enjoy the rest of your day. :)


  1. Very true talk o, buki...good ones babes. Wish you same darl.

  2. I know what you mean tho Buki. At my local shop the girl at the till always licks her finger before grabbing a bag to put my items in....i dont like it! she also does it when she is checking my dollared change! its really erk's me PLUS its unsanitary for her even! So i mentioned it to her one morning and she turned pink! Its ok tho...its the healthier option for all concerned.....

    1. Ewww, that's the height of unhygienic. Lawd knows where that money has been. :S. Lol. See why keeping silent isn't an option? :)


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