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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Which Way, Nigeria??????

To say my mood was dampened by the cruel terrorism events that occurred across the country yesterday, would be the understatement of the century. 

I was deflated mentally, emotionally and physically. I cannot understand why anyone would deliberately plant bombs and kill people for any reason or cause. It beggars belief. 

Sadly, yesterday there were series of bombings in Adamawa, Abuja and possibly Lagos. The casualties are numerous because the blasts occurred in very busy places. Unfortunately, most of the victims of the Abuja blast were women and children. These are innocent people going about their businesses and hustling to make ends meet. I saw a most traumatizing picture of a detached arm with parts of a chest attached to it. That was someone's child/father/loved one blasted to smithereens. :( The picture is too horrific to put up. 

Now they are nothing but fragments on the pavements. I just cannot understand all of these. 

I am appealing to the President and to all those in government to put an end to this menace that is threatening to consume us all. It is easy to stay detached from the horrific realities of those who have been affected by these terrorist acts over time, because it hasn't quite affected us directly yet, but that would be a great error on our parts. 

These bombs do not dicriminate against age, gender, religion or tribe. They have no filters when they get detonated. It is simply a case of being at that spot, for whatever reason, when they go off. No one is safe at all.

I sincerely hope the government would sit up and address this issue thoroughly once and for all. The more we sweep the issued BokoHaram under the carpet and blame the opposition party for being responsible for it, the more bodies are being piled up at our doorsteps. Strategize and implement actions in tackling this madness. Make arrests and charge people to court. Do something and end this now. 


  1. hmmmm am short of words! all I can say is "only God can help us in Nigeria" lets pray without ceasing

    1. I feel you Tuns, but we really need to start acting. We pray hard enough. Even the bible says "faith without works is dead". :(


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