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Monday, 21 July 2014

A Fine Line Between Unique And Bizarre........

Now, when I say bizarre names, I do not mean cultural names at all. I appreciate the numerous diverse cultures and names that come with them, which we have across the world and I find a lot of them really interesting.

I'm talking about the really weird ones that stops you dead in your tracks when you hear them and makes you wonder about the future of the poor children saddled with them when they come of age. Just the other day, my friend told me about one of the strangest names I have ever heard. Someone who's just had a baby named the wee one, ABCDE- pronounced Ab-Si-Dee!! No joke!!


I know how mean kids can be to one another and I genuinely worry about the effect such names would have on the poor children when they start school. The quest to be an "it-parent" would certainly have its toll on the children someday. There are some fancy and unique names floating about, especially among the celebrities, such as Apple, North, Blue (dear me, they don't really sound so fancy as I type them o!)  but I guess they can get away with such names within their circles. In real life, it would be much harder. Life as it were, is tough enough already, so making it harder for a child by giving them ridiculous names is just wrong. #IMO

What's the most bizarre name you've come across yet?



  1. Well not so bizzare but just funny. I've heard Unbeatable

    1. Wait. What? Someone named their child "Unbeatable"???? O.o


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