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Friday, 11 July 2014

Are We Abbreviating Ourselves To Obscurity?

In recent times, the abbreviation fad has grown to great irritating lengths. It was sort of fun initially replacing "you" with "u", "the" with "d" and the "lol, omg, sup", mostly to conserve space in texts that had character limits, and then it spiraled into such disappointing depths that is every English language buff's nightmare.

I love the English language a lot, always have, always will so it really slays me when people out of laziness or whatchamacallit "disrespect" (yes, I term it disrespect, lol) it. I mean I read some things and it just doesn't feel right in any way. How can you take the "good" out of "good morning" by typing something as sad as "gd mrng"?? *wails at the sheer sadness of it* I'm telling you some people will abbreviate anything, even find a way of abbreviating a single letter!!!  -__-

Below are some things I feel shouldn't ever be abbreviated because it sucks of the goodwill in the message or words;

* Good morning - gd mng
* Happy new year - HPN
* Happy new month - HNM
*Happy birthday - HBD
* God bless you - GBU (say whattttttt? would really really say an amen to GBU if your pastor said it that way on the pulpit? I didn't think so. LOL)
* Long life and prosperity - LLNP (grrrrr)
* I love you - ILU (-_- Really?)

And the list goes on. Feel free to add abbreviations you can't stand in the comments section.

Oh, and see you later readers. (not SYLR, grrrrrrrrrrrrrr) ;)

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