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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Do As I Say, Don't Do As I Do....

I find it really bizarre that people just cannot practice what they preach. Even more bizarre are the gullible ones who follow knowing that these "preachers/leaders" are saying one thing and doing another. Whatever happened to living by example? Do people enjoy being cocooned in deceit? How do the deceivers live with themselves, knowing that the things they spew and encourage others to do are not practicable by themselves?

I read a piece of news yesterday about Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi who just happens to be the leader of the world’s most feared and brutal terrorist organization. He delivered a 21-minutes sermon, part of which was telling those gathered to denounce the West and all they stand for. Ermmm, the off-thing about his charade was the tiny fact that he was wearing a £3,500 bulky designer watch as he preached.-_-

It reminds me of a case of "honor killing" I read about a few years ago in England. An Arab girl was murdered by her father and brother for daring to have a British boyfriend. They felt she had brought shame on the family by getting involved with Westerners. Ermmmm, the father and brother LIVED in England o and they appeared in court wearing "Western TRAINERS" under their flowing traditional gowns.

And then yesterday, there was a story about a young suicide bomber who was apprehended by the authorities and they found out that, beneath his bomb-vest, he wore an iron pant to shield his penis. When asked why he did that, considering he was about to blow himself and a whole bunch of people up, he said he needed his penis intact for when he got to the afterlife and met the 72 virgins promised to him. o.O

Mind you hypocrisy cuts across different walks of life. Many years ago I was in a salon and I overheard the owner of the salon telling her friend who had just come in with her younger sister about how her husband yells at her frequently and goes off into a sulking mood whenever they quarrel. The friend had the worst advise for her, telling her to make the house unbearable for the husband as well. She even went as far as saying the salon owner was too docile and if it were her, she would have raised hell and the husband wouldn't have dared. I noticed a look of absolute incredulity on the face of the younger sister and as fate would have it, the visiting friend suddenly had to step outside the salon for a few minutes to receive a call. Before she returned, the sister had quickly warned the salon owner not to pay any mind whatsoever to the advise her friend was giving because the friend's hubby beats her (the friend) up regularly after even the slightest of arguments and she usually did nothing and couldn't even leave or talk back to him. She went further to say she found her sister in a sobbing heap on the bathroom floor just that morning and asked the salon lady to ask her how she came about the scar behind her ear! The salon lady was gobsmacked as was the rest of the clients in the salon. I just picked up my bag and left, thoroughly baffled at the effrontery.

So, be wary of people who talk from both sides of their mouths. Things are often never as they seem.


  1. See life o, adviser of d universe, na God save dat stylist o

  2. SMH, this won't be the end of us

  3. I still wonder why people lie about their lives tho. Keep it simple. Some will stay, some will leave. I am not his God.


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