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Saturday, 19 July 2014

How Free Are You With Your Spouse?

Hi everyone, I'm curious today and I'm wondering how free we are with our partners and what points in a relationship are we supposed to be "free-free" (I mean truly free, no holds barred).

Obviously at the start of any (ok, ok, MOST ;) relationship, everyone sort of acts all cool, prim and proper and all that boosheet but as the relationship develops, guards are let down as love/lust blinds both parties involved to the point where having a wee can be done with an open door (did I hear you say ewww? Catch up please, lol), or letting out a stinky fart seems normal.

Now freedom in a relationship is good because it reveals ones true character and helps both parties build on their weaknesses as they decide if they can cope with and work out their differences or not. I think it is a good place to be in because both of you are more open towards each other.

The picture above just about sums up what I mean in this post. :) I know some married people who would not fart or go to the bathroom in the presence of their partners. Say what??? What I'm curious about is how much is too much and at what point do you bare it all to your spouse? 

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