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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

I See The World Through My Rose-Tinted Frames

So by nature, I always see the positive side to every situation however bleak it might be and the bit of good side to every bad person. I never thought much about it, because it puts things in perspective for me and of course helps me sleep better at night, until a while back when someone pointed it out to me. She said I "was always wrapped in bubble-gum thoughts that were far from reality". I was taken aback, more-so because I was only trying to help her see a situation, that I could see was consuming her mentally, from another perspective than where she stood.

It bothered me for a short while but then I realized, I wasn't the one going around with so much baggage about who said what about me and how evil or nasty they were. She was. So if she thought I would get on the bashing-bandwagon, rather than step back and see that people's opinion about who they think I am or should be really isn't my business so long as I'm towing the right path, then so be it that I view the world in my rose-tinted cocoon.

As much as I fight for positive changes daily, I do not indulge in burdening myself with things I cannot change. This world would be a much better place if people set down the unnecessary baggage of bitterness, envy, hate, jealousy, strife, etc they carry around.

Love more, loathe less. :)


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