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Sunday, 20 July 2014

If There's Any Justice In This World.......

My heart is really saddened by this news story. Eric Garner, a 43-year-old father and grandfather, was accosted by at least five NYPD officers and in the process of being cuffed, they really roughed him up with one of the officers putting him in a chokehold. Even though Eric shouted about six times that he couldn't breathe, they did not let up until he appeared unconscious and died. The incident was caught on tape in Statin Island. :(

An eyewitness, who recorded the video, said Eric had broken up a fight between some people earlier and that was all he did before the police came up to him. The police on the other hand are saying that they had been watching Eric and they tried to arrest him because they believe he was illegally selling untaxed cigarettes. Whatever the case might have been, putting a man in such a tight chokehold and ignoring his cries of being unable to breathe until he breathed his last, is all shades of WRONG.

Now he is dead, his wife made a widow and his children left fatherless. So far, the policeman who had Eric in a chokehold has been stripped of his gun and put on desk duty. I really hope the family gets proper justice for this. He was not armed or anything so I cannot understand the aggression from the police.
If this had happened in Nigeria, I cannot guarantee that those policemen would have lived to tell this tale. (I do not support or encourage jungle justice in anyway, but this right here is a trigger.) What a pity and a shame.


Rest in peace Eric. Rest in peace all those whose lives have been abruptly and unfairly cut short.

Find the disturbing and graphic video after the cut. :(

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