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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

#iSpy In Naija

Hello people, how's your day going? Sorry about the late post, I have been a bit under the weather all day. I typed this earlier in the morning and thought I had published it. Old age?

A couple of years ago, I started a twitter hashtag #iSpyInLagos. It was basically tweets about incredulous things I spied while stuck in traffic. You wouldn't believe the craziness in this part of the world. Some were absolutely hilarious, others not so much.

It just occurred to me this morning that I should make posts about it and make it nationwide such that my dear readers (oh yes, you) can send their #iSpyInNaija moments to me on :)

I will kick off with this. I'm guessing the point of spreading those huge tissue rolls on consulting beds in hospitals is strictly for hygiene purpose, right? How then do you explain this? 




  1. Im more surprised d naija hospital even has it sef, cos to them its seen either as a waste of money and unnecessary. . . . Or the hospital staff have taken it home (strongly believing they will find use for it in their homes shaaaa)

    1. Lmao. I see what you mean hun still, if they are smart enough to own one, they should know better than to leave it on the bare floor na. *shudders*


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