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Friday, 4 July 2014

Madness and Chaos In The Land...........

Once upon a time, Nigeria wasn't such a bad place to live in, but these days, not so much. There is indescribable madness and chaos in the land. Day after day, fresh and new madness comes to light. I mean, a lot of these things have probably been going on for ages, and we were shielded from them growing up or perhaps they seem on the increase as a result of the internet and especially social media. Sigh.

I'm deeply saddened by all of these occurrences. I do not relish the fact that I, and millions of others have to live under these appalling conditions or raise our children under such. There is hardly any way to shield them from these nefarious acts as they are all around us and come in various forms. Just the other morning, I was dropping the kids off in school rather than let them use the school bus, when an open-back van belonging to the road safety corp passed by us. My son was all excited seeing the painted "police" van and the men in uniform and he kept shouting excitedly "mummy look, I'm an officer". When I looked, I noticed there were dead bodies packed like sardines in the back of the van and there were covered with a very insulting and undignified raffia palm!! He noticed too and sat back down in shock while trying to comprehend what he had just seen. It broke my heart. How can we not be able to afford body bags and ambulances in 2014????? There's no respect for the living nor the dead in Nigeria, NONE. :((

Which way forward, O beloved country of mine?

Today, I got reports of a fracas in Lagos between soldiers and BRT bus drivers. A bus driver had allegedly hit a soldier riding on a bike on the bus lane, and while the seemingly injured soldier lay on the road, he called for back-up. Not the sane and regular type of back-up that comes to rescue injured people and bring order to the society, noooooooooooooooooooooooo. He called for the vengeful trouble making ones. And boy, did they unleash terror on civilians. They allegedly burnt buses, beat people up, smashed phones of those trying to record and generally acted like twats.

Let me just remind you at this point that we are in a democratic regime and our girls are still missing in Chibok while the world awaits our dear soldiers to #BringBackOurGirls


As if that wasn't bad enough, I got reports off twitter that in Mile2 area, Customs were in hot pursuit of car smugglers and they shot indiscriminately while trying to apprehend the criminals, never mind the hundreds of innocent passers-by the bullets could have hit.


I have also heard there's some sort of ritual being carried out around Ikeja (which is central Lagos o, for those who are non-Nigerians). They call it "oro" and this ritual requires 7 human heads to "accompany the recently deceased king of that area when they bury him".

I feel like I stepped back a century with these things happening. It's 2-0-1-4 fgs, catch up people!!!

And then to cap it up, I just saw an alarming tweet with an accompanying picture on twitter.



Well, there you have it. Madness and chaos across town. When does it stop?


  1. Honestly am also tired of the continuous sad events taking place in our dear country, i asked myself and a couple of friends yesterday a question " if there was a riot and pandemonium for every civilian a BRT bus driver killed( by d way these driver are glorified moluwe n danfo drivers) now what would be said of the general public"? The said soldier was on an illegal lane and still his colleagues went all out to remind us of how our so called security agents are not here to serve the public and uphold the law of the land. This is just 1 of many insults n disregard to the democratic dispensation from our unreliable security arm of government, truth be told I really fear for coup with all I see these day. There has been no visible insight or clue to where the Chibok girls are, yet our military succeed outside the shores our country but can't get to the bottom of this insurgents. # drops pen #


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