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Wednesday, 2 July 2014


In life everyone looks forward to amazing moments like seeing the sunrise, seeing a rainbow, buying your first house, giving birth to your child, etc. What most people don't prepare for is to share these amazing moments with embarrassing occurrences. (screeches to a halt, say what now?)

Yup! I just read a story about a woman who gave birth to a baby right in front of a Primark store in Birmingham city center!!!!!!!!!!! I mean birthing a child is always a glorious moment and of course we NEVER have control over the when or where (natural delivery not c-sections here, keep up. hehe)

I was happy for her especially as the reports are that baby and mother are doing fine, but I was also mortified on her behalf.  I mean, she had her baby in the middle of the CITY CENTER!! She's a hero, I'm telling you, because I know curiosity would have gotten the better of most of the shoppers and shop keepers. I had a near miss with my first, I was 30 weeks preggers and right in the middle of Mothercare when I started having contractions. O.O. I tried to leave the store quietly, but the thing hooked me ehn, chai. Next thing I know, in between the pains and my panting, the store had brought me a chair, got me a glass of water, called the mall security and called for an ambulance. I. Was. So. Embarrassed. I was wheeled out with people staring in wonder. It turned out to be a false alarm although I spent the night in the hospital. 

Thankfully I got to the hospital in time for both of my babies but you see I also almost had the second before I got to the hospital. In fact the cabbie that took me to the hospital deliberately slowed down so that he could witness the "cab-birth and be in the news"!!!! Say what??

 I almost bit his head off. Lol. 

What sort of mixed moments have you had? 


  1. you dont want to have mixed moment when you are pressed down with number 2 oooooo, sometimes rushing to d nearest convenience can even be very very late...God help you if you are very far from your end

    1. Lmaoooooo. OMG, I've been there. I will do a post about it. Lmao.

  2. aaaahhhhhh, ve been dere n done dat as regards no2, its not a palatable experience at all o, especially when travelling interstate in a public bus, all d shyness in ur body disappears as u shout ut to d driver dat he needs to park urgently...n u undress with immediate alacrity at the nearest spot along d was not a funny experience at all.


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