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Friday, 4 July 2014

Never Ever Ever Ever Give Up...............

Yup, you read that right! If it's not OK, then it's not the end. Which means you have to keep on keeping on regardless of whatever lemons life throws at you.

I cam across the story of a brave and amazing young man. Sergeant Brian Meyer, a US Marine, was deployed to Afghanistan as a bomb technician in 2011, but unfortunately one of the bombs he was defusing blew up and took parts of his body with it. :( He lost his right leg and right hand and some fingers off his left hand.

The miraculously amazing thing about this brave 29-year-old man was that while still on the battlefield receiving treatment, he thought about the effect his injuries could have on his squad,  and so ordered a photographer to take a picture of him smiling. Of course he forced the brilliant smile through his pains and even attempted what you could call a thumbs up as the photographer clicked away. He hopes the picture would serve as an inspiration for his team as he began the journey of his recovery.(Sigh. Wipes tears away slowly.)

"Sgt Meyer, has retired from the Marines however, he continues to undergo pioneering medical treatment from Navy Commander Peter Shumaker, right at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego, California. The special laser, pictured, softens scar tissue on Sgt Meyer's arm allowing him greater movement and less pain". - Source:

"Sgt Meyer said he did not want special ramps fitted to his home or be confined to a wheelchair, instead he vowed to walk again and maintain an active lifestyle" - Source:


Absolutely brave and amazing (and cute;) young man. I am so proud of him and of the numerous other soldiers who have risked their lives in various wars and battles across the globe. (Shout out to my cousin Blessing, who also served in Afghanistan. Love you hun)

So to all my dear readers, Never Ever Give Up.

Much Love, From Me.


  1. So touching and inspiring story. I admire his courage and determination to walk again.

  2. This is to all fighting tough battles everyday, yours truly too, we are fighters, we won't give up and we will win. ALUTA CONTINUA,VICTORIA ASCERTA. Miss Cute '98 set, u got me hooked to ur blog.

    1. *blushes*. Thanks a bunch hun. Indeed, winning is guaranteed when we don't give up. :)

      Lmao at me being cute though. How? Looool. #GreatLasmocol


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