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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

One of those days.....

Have you ever had such a day that it felt like you totally woke up on the wrongest side of bed? 

That's the sort of day I've had today. I woke up around 1am in terrible pains. I had a running tummy and the pains that accompanied it reminded me of those voodoo dolls people used to prick with pins to get at someone. Sigh. 

I endured till dawn and headed out to the hospital before work. I thought I would be in and out like a flash since it was pretty early in the morning. Alas, the hospital was full by the time I got there. I ended up spending almost four hours there. Doctor ordered my tired self to take time off but in my real life, that can't just happen. I had appointments, things and people to attend to at work and my phone was already ringing incessantly. 

Off to work I went. Usually hubby takes me to work and brings me back home (even though we work at different ends of town, bless his sweet dear heart), but today, I couldn't wait for him to come pick me up. I was totally drained. Unfortunately, I didn't decide on that in time so I couldn't get my regular cabbies to come pick me up. I asked one of the guards to hail a cab for me and I headed home. New Cabbie and I chatted a bit but I was too weak to gist with him like I would have and like he probably wanted to. I asked him for his number when he dropped me at home because he seemed like a pretty decent guy, I even paid him extra. 


I entered my house into the warm hugs and kisses of my teeny troops only for me to realize I'd left one of my phones in the cab!!!! I've been calling the line but no one's picking and his phone is off. I. Can't. Handle. Anymore. Today. 

I'm off to sleep and would hopefully wake up on a far better side tomorrow. :)

* P.s I'm too tired to proof read this, do pardon any typos. *

P.s New Cabbie just called and promised to bring my phone to my office tomorrow. Yayyyyyyy.  *moonwalks to reggae* :)

How did your day go? :)


  1. Baby duties, went to get groceries, then a spot of tkmaxx shopping, tiny stint in d park, kebab for dinner. . . Oops i rambling. . .well u asked. . ; )
    take care babes (will try d moonwalk to raggae dance)

  2. Thank God o...such guys...your cab guy gives me hope for a better Nigeria. I left my phone at a store two Saturdays ago and the salesgirl was kind enough to keep it for me.

  3. Yes @ Soulpips, there is still hope for a better Nigeria....


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