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Friday, 18 July 2014

Rest In Peace, Innocents.

There's a saying that all is fair in love and war. I beg to differ. What's fair about killing innocents victims caught up in senseless and totally avoidable wars? From Boko Haram's madness to the age-long beef between Israel and Palestine to the show of shame between Russia and Ukraine, and the list goes on.

There is absolutely no justification for shooting down a plane carrying hundreds of innocent passengers going about their duties, or kidnapping and victimizing children seeking education or bombing innocent children playing outside, etc. There's no need for these senseless displays of inhumane lunacy, especially when so many children are caught in between.

Sometimes, I wish I were rich enough to buy and live on a luxurious and secluded island. Other times, I wish I were wealthy enough to find and relocate to another habitable planet. I'm just really tired of these tragedies. :(

May the souls of the victims of these chaotic madness rest in peace.

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