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Friday, 11 July 2014

Thank God It's Friday And I'm Fit. :)

I'm not only thanking God it is Friday today, I'm also deeply grateful I am fine, favored and fabulous. *moonwalks to opera*

I think in these recent times, one can't be grateful enough considering all the challenges that surround us in life. If you are reading this, then you are a survivor. Whoop whoop.

I'm also chuffed because the wife of a colleague of mine had a bouncing baby boy yesterday. (Whoop whoop) Also, my dear friend and one of  us (a dedicated reader and commenter on this blog) had a bouncing baby boy yesterday night (Whoop whoop. *dances skelewu to rap*)

I'm really happy for these two families and I wish them all the best. I also pray for all those looking for the fruit of the womb, that God will bless them and give them joyous testimonies.

Happy weekend ahead dear readers. :)

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