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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

That's Just The Half Of It................

A lot of times, in life and in people's lives, things are never what they seem. These days of social media makes it easier for people to hide so much of their pains behind the facades of a picture-perfect life. So many bear such deep wounds and scars that would astonish you and shock you to your core but you would never have any inkling to these depths if you do not genuinely care enough to ask and inquire before passing judgement on them or even worse, envying them.

You see some people acquiring such luxurious items and you go green with envy, desiring these things without a thought to how they got them, if they are happy or trying to work positively towards getting yours. More often than not, looking beneath the beauty surrounding us reveals pains and anguish that serves as pillars to these facades.

It's 2am and I'm listening to some good music and Rihanna's Half of Me shuffles on my player and I'm just lying here wondering at how easy people find it to criticize, condemn and envy her without a care as to whatever personal/internal demons she be fighting. Now, I know some of you are thinking, "well, she's a celebrity and as such a target for all of the above. Plus she makes it very easy to criticize her with her raunchy ways". Truth is this, you don't know where she's coming from, her culture, orientation or background. What's outrageous and abnormal to you might just be her normal day to day living. You only know what you see in the television and read in the press, but that's the half of her and  many like her.

Sometimes you get upset because you feel someone has ignored your message or call yet it is highly probable that that person was unable to reply or pick up at the time due to a cruel hand life was dealing to them at the time. You get upset and keep malice, waiting and expecting an explanation and apology without bothering to check if the person is really alright enough to even notice their surroundings. And the examples go on..............

So, the summary of my rambling is for you to be less judgmental and critical of people and their circumstances and be more open-minded and receptive of what they might be going through.


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