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Thursday, 3 July 2014

We Take Time For Granted....

All of a sudden, there are so many bad and sad news all around and day by day I struggle to understand and even accept them as a part of life. The thing is, these occurrences are not even sudden. They have always been around, sicknesses, diseases, death, war, rape, robbery, etc. Growing up, my parents (bless their hearts) clearly must have shielded us from such bad news.

In the past three weeks, I have lost two dear people to the dreaded cancer. It hurts me that they had to die like that. It baffles me that as much as we humans have surpassed ourselves with "badass inventions" and what not, we still cannot find a cure for cancer or endometriosis. I don't understand how getting a permanent cure and solution to these two diseases can be so out of reach to us. I mean, we go to the moon na!

I found the picture below on Facebook and it upset me for several days. If there's any truth in it, then there is something very wrong with the human race.

I have since learnt that life is just way too short for us to take time for granted. We must live for each moment and do good always. Death is inevitable, and the sooner we come to terms with that and straighten our present and future out, the better for us. We must live right and do the best we can for humanity. We must also leave good legacies behind and provide adequately for those we leave behind.

Please view the picture below (which I found on the internet) and share with your female relatives and friends.

Rest In Peace Yemisi Komolafe and Lekan Kuku. :(


  1. Lost my mum to cancer too in December...its all so so sad and i was just discussing with a colleague today that all focus has to be on finding a cure for dis deadly disease. Its gulping a lot of lifes, both young and old. Sorry for ur loss buki.

    1. Thanks hun.

      I recall Shaun. :( May her soul continue to rest in peace. Hugs.


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