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Sunday, 31 August 2014

A True Survivor Story (Part1)

I will be starting a series in which I will share real-life #SurvivorTales from real people across the world. The point of this is to cheer people up and help them get through whatever seemingly bleak situations they may be passing through. So if you know any such people, feel free to share and encourage them. And if you know are a True Survivor or know one, please send me your story at so that others will be inspired by it.

To kick this series off, I will be re-posting (unedited) a friend's #SurvivorTales. Her name is Bola C. and she resides in the USA. We've been Facebook friends for many years now. and I look forward to meeting her in the flesh because she's one of the most genuine people I've ever encountered. I hope her story inspires you as it did me.

My testimony......
..I was saving this news for when I eventually write my book but it's not looking like it's gonna happen anytime soon but I woke up this morning and my spirit kept bugging me to share because someone can benefit from hearing this.

Y'all already know that Tiwa came super early and they did an emergency c-section at 28 weeks to save her life! What I didn't share is that she saved mine too! During the c-section the doctor told me he sees a cyst on my ovary and he would go ahead and remove it since he was already in there, he cut it out and showed it to me. It was about 5 cm and I thought nothing of it.
 I was discharged 5 days later without my Tiwa, my husband took me home and just as we were settling in, my phone rang. I ignored it like I ignore 99% of my calls (bad habit), the same number called my husband's phone and he picked up (5I was kinda annoyed because I hate when folks call my husband after I send them to voicemail), it was the doctor, my husband put the call on the speaker and he said " I'm calling to inform you that that cyst we took out on Monday is cancer, we need you to see an oncologist on Monday for further test to ensure it hasn't spread anywhere else. I ran to the bathroom, I had a sudden urge to do a number 3! You would think this dude just told me I saved a 15% on my car insurance or something the way he sounded! 
 I stayed awake through the weekend and made plans for my kids future. My husband held me and said, you will not die! You will live to testify! I rolled my eyes, I was thinking you still gonna have faith in God after all he put us through? I didn't pray, I couldn't, I was soooo mad at God!!! I lost my son, I had my Tiwa in ICU, my niece had brain cancer and now I have ovarian cancer? Nope the homie Jesus was not gonna hear from me for a while........To be continued


  1. Dear Ma'am,

    Patiently waiting for the continuation/Part 2 of this post.

    Please receive the assurances of our highest regard for your intellect and the fluidity of your Pen/Keypad.

    Thank You


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