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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

A Legit Cry For Help (2)

When I wrote this post yesterday, I thought I had it bad, but things spiraled downwards quickly. After work yesterday, we went house-hunting for a new place away from the horror on the #DenroIshashi road. I was not impressed with the ones I saw and as much as I am in a hurry to move out of my current place, I do not intend to get a house in haste and discover horrible flaws after payments. 

After the viewings, we headed home and decided to take the usual route that leads to the over flooded bridge rather than take the alternative longer traffic-fraught route, and see what improvements had been made. There was a huge crowd when we got there, we parked and got out to see what the fuss was about. I mean, I could literally see my house from where I stood but it was cut off by the water. I discovered that a wonky and very dangerous looking bridge had been hastily constructed over the rising waters from the river and there were rough looking area boys demanding payment from people before they could be allowed to cross. Those who expressed shock at being asked to pay before  crossing were cussed and briskly shoved aside. The area was dark and pedestrians had to make do with torch lights or reflections from their mobile phones. Hubby convinced me to try crossing the bridge so I could get home quicker rather than spend at least another hour taking the car home via the alternative route. 

After slight persuasion, I agreed and regretted it every step of the way. The bridge was so shaking and could only let a batch of people from one end across at a time. There was blatant regard for the health and safety of the hundreds of people crossing in a bid to get to their homes. The water beneath the wonky bridge was really murky, stinky and deep. falling over was not an option. I had nothing to even hold on to and I couldn't take any pictures because of balance and the dubious-looking people hanging around as well. :( I heaved a huge sigh of frustrated relief when I got off the bridge, even as I boiled in rage and a bit of trepidation. That mockery of a bridge is an accident waiting to happen if care is not taken as quickly as possible.

When I got home, I sent some tweets out to the handles of the governors of Ogun and Lagos States. I am yet to get a response from either of them. I do not think it is right that citizens of Nigeria have to be subjected to such dangers, especially the tax payers. I have been advised by some people to "just move out of the area and get on with life" rather than try to get the government to do right and fix things. I beg to differ, and those who truly know me know I won't. I will move out of the area (mostly for other reasons) but I do not intend to let up until something is done about that bridge, the roads leading up to it and the dam itself. Nigeria is over 50 years and by now certain basic amenities should be the norm and not luxuries to be hoarded and  dangled like carrots.

I took the pictures below this morning on my way to work. We actually risked driving the car through the flooded area (because my kids really wanted to go to school) and I was shocked to realize the water rose up to our windows! Once again, I am appealing to the government to take charge and stop the sufferings of the people in that axis. 

Young children had to climb this unsafe bridge to get to school. :(

People risking their lives to go to school and work. Sigh. :(

The water is so deep, it got up to the car windows. O.O


  1. I do not envy you or the residents. It is appalling. Landlords should also fight as the value of their properties diminish if people run away from there cos of flood.

    1. I am really disappointed that the landlords have left things to fester for so long up to this crumbling point. There are a lot of empty houses within the environs whose landlords are waiting for a "miracle" to occur before they can move into the neighborhood.Isn't it simpler for them to come together and do something meaningful about it instead?

  2. I keep asking same question of the landlords in my estate. I think in this part, people are just glad to own houses and are not really bothered about the depreciation in value of their properties. At the end of the day, we all suffer the same fate. Both landlords and tenants


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