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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Buki's Bits.....

How's your week coming along? Mine has been fifty shades of topsy-turvy, but hey I'm a Survivor and still I rise. :)

So let's get down to my bits and bobs... :)

Nigerian Drug Mule Dies In Madrid Airport 
In these times when Ebola is rife and dreaded, you really don't want to be found in certain situations that bear any form of semblance to the symptoms. It's disgraceful that people still smuggle drugs in this day and age. Why would anyone want to risk and jeopardize their lives like that? Unfortunately for this drug pusher, the stash burst inside his stomach and he fell down with the shakes. Naturally, everyone thought it was Ebola and left him to his fate, and a very sorry ending it was for him. The irony was that he hadn't even been to Nigeria in four years, yet upon learning he was a Nigerian, everyone steered clear of him. Lady Karma is getting more impatient these days, cross her and BAM you're gone. 

Governor Amaechi's Swaggy Dance Step
At his recent rally, Governor Amaechi didn't mince his words on how he feels about the President and his wife. There's presumably (because the cat fights might all be for show o. Naija!!!) bad blood between the First Lady and the governor, and it's been brewing for a long while now. Anyway, that is not why Governor Amaechi is featuring in this post. It's about his unique dance steps at rallies which I find very hilarious and warm(?). LOL

Could It Have Been Magun?
I came across a news last week about an Italian couple who decided to have sex in the sea at a partially deserted beach, and got stuck while at it. (Yikes!!) Of course I immediately recalled my post on Magun and thought perhaps some Nigerians would link this incident to magun. It turns out that as a result of suction, the man could not remove himself from inside of the woman. Such occurrences are referred to as 'penis captivus', which usually occurs when the muscles of the vagina grips the penis more tightly than normal. (Ouch) Could it be that this is what's been happening in Africa which we refer to as Magun, no? The couple had to be taken in to a hospital where an injection was given to the woman to help dilate her uterus and thus separate both of them. I cannot imagine how embarrassing it must have been for them but I'm glad I didn't list the sea as a likely location in my post on Sex Outside The Boudoir

On Ebola Souvenirs
Sigh. I came across the images below on the internet. Clearly, somebody thinks this whole Ebola scare is a joke one could make some quick cash from. All I have to say to them is to "Kontinuu". *dials for Lady Karma*

Cuddly Ebola Toy For Sale. Hian.

Enjoy the rest of your week. :)

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