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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Hope In Humanity...

Of recent, I've discovered that the world and those therein are getting more cruel by the day. My faith in humanity dwindles daily due to the things I see and hear. People keep betraying those who love, care for them and have invested in them. Frenemies are the order of the day and the worst of the lot, because they stab you and smile while they do it. They delight in any bad news you have to offer. Sometimes they don't even know they do it, as it is in their subconscious and only bubbles to the surface when you share your tales of woe with them.

Then you have the government who cannot be bothered by the plight and welfare of those they swore to protect and serve but rather relish in plundering the wealth of the land. There are also the religious fanatics to stress over as they are getting bolder and more brazen by the day. 

You know the good thing about life is how suddenly any situation can change for the better. Yesterday, while I was weighed down by a number of craziness surrounding my personal space and mind, I came across a tweet with a message so simple, yet so touching. It moved me to tears and gladdened my heart. Suddenly the world didn't seem like such a bad place after all and my faith in
humanity was restored. Read the tweet below and tell me it didn't move you a wee bit. ;) 

Have a lovely weekend ahead. I'm off house hunting today, wish me luck. 

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