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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Let's Talk About Sex Timings.

Hello dearest readers, how's your weekend been? Today's topic came about from a conversation I had with some amazing friends a couple of weeks ago. It was about whether sex on a Monday morning is ideal/acceptable or not. Most of us did not see anything wrong in it while a couple others thought it was wrong and as close to an abomination as one can get. The argument against having sex on Mondays was because it sets the wrong tone for the week and also because it could signify joblessness or thoughtlessness. The arguments for, disagreed. We felt sex should have no time-tables whatsoever but should be indulged in by couples whenever the need arises, including Monday mornings before heading out to work.

Bearing in mind that there are different strokes (pun unintended) for different folks, in my own opinion I think there shouldn't be any restrictions or barriers when it comes to sex between adults. I think restraints (well, not physical ones for those into that sort of thing) suck out the fun of spontaneity that should come with the act. I believe sex is a beautiful thing that should be thoroughly enjoyed by both parties engaging in it. 

Imagine a scenario where you have laid rules about the when and how of going at it, and one half of a couple gets an itch before the set time, what happens then? I could tell you a number of things that could happen as a result, but that's not for this post. Thus, I think people should indulge in sex without necessarily putting barriers to it. I recall someone told me something once and I found it very shocking and bizarre. She had had a horrible experience whilst bearing her first child and so in a bid not to have a second child, she made a sex time-table for her hubby. They had sex only a couple of times, every three weeks!!! I tried to educate her about contraceptives and even counting her cycle so the "sex ban" would be narrowed down to her unsafe period but she wasn't having none of it. I tried to make her see how she might be unwillingly pushing her hubby out into the arms of a willing female(s), but she was beyond understanding at the time. I rested my case, even though the thought still bothers me every now and then. 

When you consider how hectic Mondays are at work and the traffic you have to plough through to get there, I'd say one for the road on such a morning will certainly keep you well relaxed and prepared for the day ahead. Remember, continuous communication, understanding and compromise are keys to happier relationships.  

I'm #TeamNoSexRestrictions, but of cause "to each man his own". :)

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