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Sunday, 12 October 2014

On My Way Home......

I had to go in to work earlier this evening to sort some stuff out and it took quite a while. Afterwards, hubby and I grabbed dinner at a small "joint" and headed home. We got to the T-junction at Alausa along Governor's road and came across a very worrisome sight. There was a man clad in white crouched smack bang in the middle of the junction. O.O

Naturally, I freaked out. The man could easily be run over by oncoming vehicles. We weren't sure he was dead or alive but either ways, we knew he needed to be moved from the spot. I dialed 767 and as soon as an operator picked up, I lost the connection. I tried again, while hubby turned the car around and after being "entertained" with music on the emergency line (side eye), another operator picked up and did his best to extract the necessary details from me while calmly reassuring me that help was on the way. 

By now we had gotten back to the scene and the man was still there in the middle of the road. We weren't sure it was safe to come out and approach him so we stayed on the phone and good thing we did because he suddenly moved his legs. I almost burst into tears of relief at this point. He started moving slowly but the danger was still in the vehicles zooming past. I got off the phone with the operator and we waited. 

Suddenly a group of men and an armed policeman approached the man, who has started waking up slowly. The men were able to divert traffic away from him while he sat up. At this point, seeing he had help and was able to sit up, we left for home. 

Sigh. I've stopped wondering why I see such things almost every time I'm out but I'm just glad I am able to help in such situations. I implore my fellow Nigerians to do same when faced with similar issues. The Lagos version of 911/999 is actually 767. That's our own Emergency line so please remember the number and share it as well. (767)

Keep being #AllHeartsAlways and do have a lovely week ahead. :) 


  1. Well done Buki, that was humanely.

    1. Thank you. It was the only thing to do. :)

  2. Yes well done Bukky and I am really impressed our emergency line works. There is still hope. I have the number saved now. Thanks


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