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Friday, 31 October 2014

The Priceless Price Of Beauty.

How far would you go in your quest for beauty? Of recent I have read about a lot of surgeries going wrong and ending fatally and it makes me wonder how far one would go to cover up a body hang up. Now, I'm not here to judge those who choose to do something about their appearances because it makes them unhappy. I happen to have some body hangups of mine which I may feel the need to "sort out" in future (Hehehehe, I can hear my hubby's blood pressure rising as he reads this. I say it mostly totorment him, hehehe) if given the opportunity. I know everybody's tastes and preferences are different but I cannot bring myself to fully understand why anyone would go as far as going under the knife to place implants in their buttocks. I appreciate the need to want to be a video vixen, succumb to bullies' taunts or have the assets to twerk with but come on. The least you can do is get it done right in a proper hospital with competent hands regardless of the cost. I think one undervalues ones life by visiting quack hospitals to undergo cosmetic surgery in order to save a buck or two.

Pretty but late Joy Williams. :(
 Last week I read another news about a Nigerian-British girl, Joy Williams (23 years old) who had undergone a botched surgery which eventually claimed her life. The operation took place in Thailand after the official surgery hours as stipulated by the clinic and the surgeon didn't have a license for it. He's been arrested but that's not going to bring back the poor dead girl, is it? I learnt the reason she opted for this operation was because she was being bullied in school. How terribly sad. I wished she had found another way of rising above the bullies or perhaps even chosen a more reputable hospital to carry out the operation. I saw a picture of the room she was found in and I am appalled at the basicness of the operating theatre. I don't care how many framed certificates were kept on display, this room reeks of sham.

I still recall another Nigerian-British girl, Claudia Aderotimi (20 years old)  who lost her life in Philadelphia a few years ago while trying to get bigger buttocks as well. She'd hoped a bigger bum would get her more roles in music videos. The sorrow of their loved ones whom they leave behind is often too harrowing to put into words.
Late Claudia Aderotimi. :(
It is always best to weigh and explore all possible options to effect transformation based on dissatisfaction with ones body before committing to going under the knife at all. It cannot be emphasized enough that if one is convinced about a cosmetic procedure, only the best and most reputable is worth putting your life in their hands. It doesn't matter how expensive it is, find the money and do it right or leave it be.

May their souls rest in peace.

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