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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Twenty Random Facts About Me

Thanks to my dear friend ShiShi who tagged me in a post about sharing 20 random facts about myself, I'm about to unleash myself on you dear readers. :) 

1. I love music to a point of obsession.

2. I love to try new things and foods.

3. I enjoy applying and wearing make-up.

4. I hate snakes but I've killed two in the past, lol. (I got into autopilot mode, killed them and then collapsed)

5. I don't often see the need to take my bath unless I'm going out or going to bed.

6. I detest laying beds unless I'm about to sleep in it.

7. I enjoy cooking and trying out recipes.

8. I'm not a fan of cold cereal. (sue me)

9. I hate taking medicines and I absolutely cannot use them with plain water. (I prefer injections. Ouch!)

10. My natural hair is as thick and stubborn as a hippo's hide, yet my scalp is softer than a baby's.

11. I love to dance. I can break into a dance ANYWHERE I feel the right music.

12. I've defied death, several times.

13. I believe in God, love Him to bits.

14. My dreams often come true.

15. I once dreamt I won a jackpot online at a particular time. I woke up, played at that exact time and won over £4500 :D

16. I'm a sucker for a sob story.

17. I'm AllHeartsAlways.

18. I'm pretty impulsive.

19. I can't iron and I hate it as a chore.

20. I always wanted to practice law. I still do.

Ok so I'm nominating Abimbola, Mr. Mobility and Ms Cookie to carry on with these random facts. :)

Happy weekend folks. I've had a very lazy morning but I'm off to an engagement party in a bit. Cheers. :)


  1. Whether you nominate me or not, I shall talk my own. We are very alike with respect to point 1, 6, 9, 13,14 and 19. Unlike you, I really cannot be bothered with cooking much less try new recipe (yes go on and call your lawyer). For what? Except I will be getting some good bucks for trying which is another random fact. I like money pass anything. I must have being Igbo in another life (my apologies) 😊

  2. A phenomenal woman, living life to the fullest! I like.


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