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Friday, 3 October 2014

We Can Help The U.S.A.


By now most people have heard that a Liberian has brought the deadly Ebola virus into the Untied States of America and things are not looking good at the moment, in terms of the likely spread. It would be so easy to cuss out all Liberians for these unthinking and plainly selfishly evil acts of deliberately infecting unsuspecting countries by at least two of their nationals, but I think it would be unfair to the entire people of Liberia to do this. Let's hope Sawyer and Thomas Duncan are the very worst in the entire country, and that this is the last we will hear about Liberians deliberately leaving their countries, knowing they have had contact with Ebola victims and the possibilities of themselves being infected before traveling. 

The point of this post, having read up on the ongoing incidence in the U.S.A regarding Ebola, is to give kudos to all Nigerians for a job well done in ensuring we not only contained the deadly virus but we kicked it out of our country by complying with all safety measures. Now, while I know that we are not entirely safe from Ebola in Nigeria because our borders are still porous and open to unsuspected carriers, I think we must be commended for adequately handling and getting it right when it hit us. I also want to appreciate the entire members of staff of the First Consulting Hospital for not letting Sawyer go haywire with the virus in him despite the pressure they came under. Kudos also to the State and Federal governments for stepping and doing right by the people. Thumbs up to the W.H.O and all others who shared the needed information to help curb Ebola in Nigeria.

I sincerely hope and pray the U.S.A can and will contain the spread of Ebola on their soil. Ebola is no joke and shouldn't be treated as such. They need to snap out of the initial shock and denial that comes with the situation and get acting. They need to sensitize their citizens and roll out widespread campaigns on how the symptoms can be identified and how contracting the disease can be avoided. They need to get all residents to pay rapt attention to everything about Ebola. I wrote some posts here and here in the past, which ought to help. Information and discernment are key in containing this dreadful disease. 

I also really hope they can put a stop to this Ebola virus once and for all, globally.

Please find more information (which are easier to digest) about Ebola here: Also endeavor to show it to as many as you can around you. The link has very easy to understand slides that will help even a layman to understand what Ebola is about and how to avoid getting infected.


  1. it scary when it hits so close to home, i pray it is contained

  2. Really happy for Nigeria! And I hope it doesn't spread in the US or anywhere else.


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