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Thursday, 2 October 2014

What About Us? - Poetry

She said:
I want to be happy
I want you to make me happy
I want all the finest things in life
I'm not a fan of strife
I really love myself
I don't do hard work, I'm not an elf
I love being pampered
I don't enjoy being hampered
I love strawberries and hot cocoa
I love flying solo
I love my own opinions
I don't cook with onions
I don't cook at all
I'd rather a man cute and tall

He said:
I? I? I? I? What about "us"?

1 comment:

  1. I wish all women in a relationship, and those who intend to be in any relationship, will read and understand this.....!!

    I always get irritated when I hear ladies ask....''Is he taking care of you..?''

    What happened to...''Are you making him happy...?''

    It's a 2-way street, It's bliss when both ''he'' and ''she'' focus on the other partner, constantly seeking his/her happiness.

    When this is genuinely done,they both can't help but be happy...

    But...wait, we're still on earth, abi.. let me take my head out of the clouds!!!


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