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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Buki's Bits...

The world has gone absolutely bonkers, it would seem. The news in bits confirms this.......

Show of Shame At The National Assembly

Earlier today, there was a scene of disgraceful chaos seen at the National Assembly in Abuja when a bunch of policemen and the Department of State Security operatives attempted to stop Mr. Aminu Tambuwal, the speaker of the House of Representatives from gaining access into the ground of the National Assembly. You know we have reached an all time low when the Number 4 citizen in the country gets stalled and teargassed for trying to enter his office beacuse he defected or for whatever political reason there may be. I believe such an order could only have come from very high up the ladder. Do the maths. I wonder when we will stop embarrassing ourselves like this, if ever. In my own opinion, I believe there are better ways of hadling the issues rather than forcefully gaining entrance into the premises by scaling the fence and gate. It was shocking to see members of the National House of Representatives stooping that low to conquer with no regard for decorum or principles. Disgraceful!! Then again, didn't a bunch of them fling chairs at themselves during a session not so long ago? *Unlooking*

Katsina State Governor Lit A Fire On A Mountain?

Earlier this morning (before the spidermen moves at the National Assembly), there was a very worrisome news floating around about Governor Shema of Katsina State. It was alleged that he had incited a large crowd at a political rally against opposition members whom he likened to "cockroaches" and asked they be dealt with as such. I cannot overemphasize the gravity of his alleged utterances, if indeed he said it. What happened in Rwanda still haunts me till date, with such similar superior ideology implanted in the minds of the Hutus which led to the slaughter of over 800,000 Tutsi's. It seems like we forget things too easily in Nigeria and we also do not tend to take things very seriously until it is well upon us. I hope the government (?) would look into these allegations and act appropriately.

From Movie To Real Life

A Real Life Human Built "Olaf" :)
I'm sure most parents have seen the movie "Frozen" and are well frustrated by it by now. I think I've overdosed on it, no thanks to my children and the creativity the spell-binding movie holds. Alas, what is happening in New York right now is not fun for those caught up in it, with about 6 feet of snow on ground and more coming. There is an ongoing snow storm like no other and so far it has claimed eight lives. So many people are stranded in their homes and on the road without a way out and already a pregnant woman who fell into labour but had no access to the hospital has had to give birth in a firehouse. It is a horrible situation to be in (and I should know, I still shudder when I recall how I was caught up in a snow storm some years back, with me being very heavily pregnant too.) and I really hope things settle down pretty quickly.

Yup, those are real duplexes dwarfed by the snow.

I just can't.

The Fine Line Between Delusion And Sanity

Sigh. This news is one kain one kain but let me try to untangle it. In the picture above we have 41-year-old Taylor Chandler who claims 29-year-old Michael Phelps (in the picture below) the great Olympian swimmer is her boyfriend. Now ordinarily this shouldn't be such a big deal but alas there are twists to the story. First of all, there is no public evidence that both of them are actually in any form of relationship, save for the fact that Taylor has made her Facebook profile a sort of shrine dedicated to Michael. Secondly, she has just come out to announce on her Facebook wall that she used to be a man but has a sex change and has lived as a woman for the greater part of her life. If the two points above did not shock you enough, there's more. She claims she's never told Michael about her being born a male and she now thinks he may leave her when he finds out. Of course telling him to his face about this tiny information is too mainstream, hence the need to broadcast it on her social media profile for the world to see. Then again, this whole relationship just might be in her head.

That's all for now. How's your part of the world shaping up?

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  1. For a while now the leaders of this nation have been putting on various shameful acts...and we the populace just lie down n take it...most can't even afford the coke that is supposed to go with the smile...oil prices are dropping and that is the mainstay of our economy....naira is failing as at yesterday it was up to 182 to one dollar....BH is conquering territory and changing names of towns....and the next best thing is for the speaker to be tear gassed....and in a reciprocal show of shame he had jumped a gate to get to his office...who is fooling who??? I'm tired of this nation...wary of the stories day in day out...see that governor calling others insects I can't even begin to comprehend what led to just saddened that stomach infrastructure will still determine a lot in the forthcoming elections and we may still end up here if not worse...


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