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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

All That Glitters Is NOT Gold

I encountered the most bizarre incident today and it would be unpatriotic and unfair of me not to bring it to public notice. So I was at a sort of bus-stop this morning around Maryland, having a conversation with an older friend when a handsome and dashing looking man approached us and asked to speak with the man I was speaking with. He asked him to wait and kept talking to me but I got uncomfortable and felt perhaps what the stranger wanted to discuss was probably more important. I asked my friend to attend to him while I tried to get some petrol. He said he was sure the man wanted to make inquiries about me and nothing else and that he would prove himself right. I was taken aback but kept my cool. He moved away to see the man and came back smiling because he was right, after all. 

The strange man had asked him if he knew me but he warned him to stay away from me as I was spoken for. The man excused himself under the pretext that he needed to use the loo. When my friend told me all these, I was wide-eyed in surprise because I never expected such. Then came the twist to the story. 

About four different individuals came up to us at different times to inform us that the man was notorious for coming to that bus-stop early every morning, search for ladies, take them away for God knows what and then return (without them) in search for more females. He does this every day!!  -_- They were sure he uses the innocent victims for some sort of money rituals and that he often puts something in his mouth (juju/voodoo) before talking to them thereby making them surrender to his advances without fuss. I was gobsmacked and wondered how such a thing could be going on without the police being involved. They did say a squad of SARS Team had been notified at some point but they were unable to apprehend him and that they haven't pushed further because there is no proper evidence that he actually harms these ladies.

Hmmmmn. I just want to implore the ladies out there to be careful. All that glitters is not gold and no amount of money is worth risking your life and safety for. I wish I had taken a picture of this man and perhaps gotten to question him to sound him out about these allegations. This encounter only makes me apprehensive when I think of the several missing persons adverts I have seen recently. He apparently works in a bank, drives exotic cars among which is the Lexus he came in this morning and is so calm and easy on the eyes that no one would ever suspect him of such atrocities as he's being accused of. I wish the authorities would read this and take action on it.  

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