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Friday, 22 May 2015

An Embarrassment And A Lesson......

I came across the letter below and while I cannot confirm its authenticity, I dare say it only highlights how deep in trouble Nigeria is with regards to the looming fuel crisis. You can also see a part of the disruption and discomfort it brings with it. A whole Nigeria, the Giant of Africa has been reduced to ground level by greedy and selfish politicians.

If this letter is genuine, I must commend Virgin Atlantic for having the good sense and courteousness to carry their passengers along rather than just do an Arik on the poor passengers. This is how sensible organizations are run and if you own a business or service clients, this is how to treat them and keep them. It really isn't rocket science or juju working for those who succeed by doing right by their clients. :) 

I have been on a hunt for petrol and diesel all day and frankly I am exasperated and angry at the futility of my efforts. Why haven't the authorities (Ministry of Petroleum, etc) come forward to explain what exactly is going on and also tell us what they are doing about it to make life easier for Nigerians? Why aren't Nigerians hitting the streets yet to protest and demand an explanation for this hardship? There is no fuel to run our vehicles and none to power our generators and there is little or no power supply! How much longer shall we continue like this?

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