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Monday, 18 May 2015


Happy new week to everyone.

I do apologize for being M.I.A from the blogosphere. I've missed you all and I've missed writing out my thoughts so much too. 

Here we go:

I came across the picture above on Twitter and it struck me deep enough to want to make a post out of it. I'm sure you've come across similar quotes with the same underlying message that it is better to forgive and move on with your life than get shackled down by unforgiveness and the loathing that comes with it. 

What I've never really seen is how to really let go of the hurt and anger that breeds unforgiveness. They make it seem to easy like you should wave a wand around and every pain that has been caused would just disappear. It's not, especially if the erring person is a repeat offender and one that you can't cut off from abruptly. Forgiveness is a healing process and people should be allowed to go through that process until they get to the point of letting go. 

One must always have the quotes at the back of ones mind throughout the process for easy breakthrough. Perhaps the steps below can also help in the healing process: 

1) Find yourself a happy place and don't allow anyone or any negative actions taint the place. 

2) View life as a victor and not a victim. 

3) Do you and be happy. 

4) Don't stoop to conquer but rather rise above petty sentiments. 

5) Be successful. Nothing can beat that feeling of personal success. 

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