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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Nigeria On My Mind.

It is safe to say that Nigeria (well, Lagos and Abuja. And these two are the hub of the country anyway) is presently in a state of comatose and her affairs are being run on autopilot mode. Nigeria is Africa's largest oil producer yet we are experiencing the worst fuel shortages ever. 

The fuel crisis is not even funny any longer as people are starting to realize the bigger implication of how "everything" may stop if this scarcity isn't dealt with ASAP. Two days ago, I had to get someone to take my car and a keg to a village deep inside Ikorodu in search of fuel. We eventually got fuel into the car at N150 per liter and into the keg at N200 per liter, a far cry from the N87 per liter it's usually sold at.

Power supply in Nigeria is nothing to write home about and usually people depend on generators to get by, so you can imagine how business and homes are struggling to cope in darkness as there's no light nor fuel to power the generators. It's as if President Jonathan conceded defeat during the election and then folded his arms and rested! This is preposterous and very unfair to the citizens of this country.

People started to realize just how terrible things are last night when at least three radio stations announced that they would be shutting down before 9pm until today in a bid to conserve their fuel stock. Even MTN, one of Nigeria's top telecommunications company released a statement about how they have to start rationing their fuel supply and this would definitely affect networks. This crisis is an absolute nightmare for HR and Admin officers and business owners to deal with. No one is immune to the chaos about to be unleashed if this scarcity continues.

I'm really surprised that people haven't taken to the streets yet in protest but I know that this week will determine what happens next. This is what Nigeria has become, the Lion of Africa has been reduced to lower than a toothless bulldog. What a crying shame and a pity.

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