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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

A Most Hilarious Conversation

Oh my days, y'all need to read the conversations below. It's about an encounter between members of staff in an organization. While one employee keeps his/her lunch in the communal fridge, another mysterious employee keeps nicking it and their exchange is as frustrating (for a victim) as it is hilarious. 

It reminds me of an old flatmate of mine. This dude would do the exact same thing, rummage through the shared fridge and eat whatever he finds there. I would get back from classes with salivating-plans of having a snack or meal I'd kept in there and sadly, it would be no where to be found. Well, I did find the empty packs in the dustbins sometimes. I have always been one to share everything I own but taking the last bits every time without once replacing them was just too much jare. 

I confronted him, bless his heart, but when I realized it didn't stop him, I once cooked a really spicy stew one day and walked in on him completely red-faced with tears streaming down his face thoroughly enjoying MY stew.I jejely bought a smaller fridge from Argos and kept it in my room, along with my sanity and appetite. LOL. 

Anyway, have a good laugh from the exchange below. :)

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