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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

How Prepared Are We, Really?

Reports reaching me about the robbery in Ikorodu this morning are just terrifying and sad.. Apparently the robbers had previously written to the two banks involved, pre-warning them of their 'visit'. They also sent a reminder letter to that effect, As incredible and appalling as this sounds, I'm here wondering why heavier security measures were not put in place to prevent today's bloody carnage. Word on the street is that there were some robberies in some hotels around that same area just last night as well. What is going on?

There are allegedly, several causalities most of whom have been taken to the hospital nearby. My sources say the robbers blasted their way into the banks with grenades and other heavy ammunition, spent almost an hour raiding the banks before fleeing the scenes successfully via speedboats. This modus operandi reminds me of the Lekki robbery I wrote about here some months ago. Could it be the same crew or a copy-cat gang?

The questions I asked then still remain unanswered and applicable to today's attack as well. 

* Why did it take so long for the army to be sent to the scene of the robbery?

* Why doesn't our police force have/use choppers?

* Do we also not have armed patrol on the sea?

* Why do our TV stations not have choppers as well? 

* How come our security is so lax in Nigeria/Lagos?

*How was it so well planned and coordinated without any intel by our security operatives?

* If there's a terrorist attack in Lagos, would it be the same response time?

* Are we really prepared for a terrorist attack in Lagos?

* Shouldn't we be? 

* What sort of investigations are ongoing to apprehend yesterday's criminals?

* Will the dead get justice?

* Will we ever get things right in Nigeria?

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