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Friday, 19 June 2015

Important Questions To Ask While Dating

Ladies and gentlemen, I do not know who this preacher is but I've got to say he got this one right. If you're single then you need to watch the video below and learn thoroughly before taking the plunge. Even if you're married, it's never too late to watch, learn and change as well.

Coincidentally, I was thinking to myself early this morning about ladies who latch on to men totally without a care as to whose ox gets gored, regardless of how they are treated by these men, all in the name of love. I pondered on the possibility that so many of these ladies (and even some men) do not think as far as their future kids having the genes of their partners. If your partner has traits you cannot stand yet you stick with them blindly even when you know you should be fleeing, better know that your offspring would most likely have the same traits too, no matter what.

The video below is funny but absolutely bang on.

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