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Friday, 26 June 2015

LMAO! What An EPIC Reaction!!!!

Oh my days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've got a headache from laughing so hard at the video below. It reminds me of a horror ride I once went on at Disney Paris. I still have the candid picture souvenir and the expression on my face was priceless. Maybe I would put it up one day.

Back to this brave couple who went on a ride..........LOL I don't know where this was taken and who they are but I can't stop laughing. Thanks to the sender of this video for making my day with this.

Let me translate for those who don't understand Yoruba.

Husband: Kini mo wa de bi? (What was I searching for to this point?)
Wife: Groans
Husband: Jesuuuuuuuu!!!! (Jesusssssssss!!!!!)
Husband: Yeee! (Screams)
Husband: Ko si nkankan, ko si nkankan (There's no problem, there's nothing)
Husband: Aa le jabo. (We can't fall down)
Husband: Yeeeeeeeeeee! (Screams)
Husband: Kemi, ki la wa de bi? (Kemi, How did we get here? What were we looking for?)
Husband: A ma lomo meji. Sola, Dayo (OMG, We have two children, Sola and Dayo)



  1. huh???maybe its cos i don't understand yoruba o

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  2. Lol omg jesuuuuu ! Nice one !


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