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Thursday, 4 June 2015

The Fine Line Between Belief And Common Sense

The picture above aptly captures what you are about to watch in the video below. I honestly do not understand how human beings would allow themselves to be brainwashed to such a point in their lives no matter the challenges they are faced with. I get that some of these "preachers" are eloquent and pretty damn convincing but for crying out loud, come on!!!!!! 

What manner of evil spirit can be in you that would require anybody STOMPING on you to get it out? I do recall the bible saying Jesus Christ cast out demons but He did this by verbally commanding the demons. He did not even have to touch the possessed, so what's our stress here?

Perhaps you can understand and enlighten me on the contents of the video below but from what I can see, that man needs to be arrested and charged for assault.

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  1. Huh!? This is pure insanity! I think the preacher is the one who needs deliverance. And our ignorance is our greatest enemy as believers! Pathetic lot


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