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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The Girl Who Cried Wolf...

I'm sure most of us has heard about the story of the shepherd boy who falsely cried wolf and when the wolves indeed came for his sheep and he cried for help, no one came. I recalled that story this morning when I came across the news about Comfort Yinusa, a London Underground worker who is currently facing jail time for falsely accusing an accountant she met on a night out of rape. 23-year-old Comfort felt offended that her victim made her wait for 45 minutes while he went to get his car after an evening out in a restaurant, so she fabricated a rape claim against him and his friend.

Thankfully, evidences and her different versions of the alleged rape helped prove otherwise and the accused pair were told they wouldn't charged. I cannot even begin to imagine the trauma the men must have gone through, being accused of such a damning offence when nothing like that ever even happened. Silly girl. She even had a Nigerian boyfriend at the time of the incident and she called him crying that night while lying blatantly.

I hope she gets a really long jail sentence because cases like this makes it hard for some people to take true rape cases/stories seriously. Rape is not a joking matter because the trauma rape victims go through for the rest of their lives are not child's play.

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