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Friday, 12 June 2015

The Issue Of Pocket Money For Wives!!

I came across this article on Facebook and I just had to share it here. I think he is on track..... well until the end when he said the wife had to kneel down to thank her hubby. Ermmmm, 2015 anyone?  well, unless he meant her thanking him on her knees ;) ;) :) 
Enjoy the piece, I did.
I have often wondered why is it that most men forget to give gifts to their wives? Why is it that we overlook the need to give our wives pocket money? Say.. "baby, take this and buy yourself something or this is your pocket money for this month." This pocket money is not the same thing as soup money or money to buy things at home. I mean money strictly for her and her alone. Understand?
Now, I am not saying all our wives are in need. I am not relegating women to the background, what Yoruba people call Alabodo (feed them for sex). I know that in this age and time, most women work and some of them earn well enough to take care of their basic needs ... and their children, if not even earn better than their husbands and in good position to shoulder the loads of the family. But God forbid that men will wait on their wives!.
But my take here is: is anything wrong in saying "baby, take this as your pocket money for this month" ? I guess there is nothing wrong in that even if she earns better than you the husband. I guess its an act that God will be glad we men still play, not minding how much you give or if your wife needs it or not.
Now ask the woman next to you: if your husband gives you pocket money monthly, not minding if its N5,000 or N10,000, or N100,000, will you take it or not? Will you appreciate it or not?
You know women naaaaw, na bring bring bring, be their philosophy. They will take it. I guess if we men cultivate that act, it will go a long way to make our wives believe their husbands love them. And watch what such women will do in response.
Let me tell you a story. One day, a client paid me a big sum and i just felt like tripping baby. I put her in the Toyota Camry car i was using then and off i drove to ShopRite on VI. I did not even tell her we were going to ShopRite. When we got there, she exploded 
"Do you have money? What are we doing here? 
I said "just follow me and pick anything you want." 
Right inside Shoprite, I picked cart and wheeled it behind her. "Pick anything you want baby."

See women o! Na so she dey pick, pick, pick. The cart was full. Then she picked her own cart too, and in minutes, her cart was full too. I picked the bill, almost N86,000. As we were going out of the mall, something struck her ...

"Felloow (she calls me Felloow B, after the order of Supremost Comradium of the World headquarter. Daysis Oblanjahorr) 
"You did not buy yourself anything! she wondered
"Ah, i have no cash left. Let us go home ..."
"No, i have some money. Lets go back and pick what you want.

So we went back. My wife picked a bill of N42k for me alone. 
Now, you know I never knew my wife had money on her? But she brought it out and spent on me because i had impressed her. My man, Impress your wife, she will spin surprises on you.
Now look at this again: when I scrutinized all we bought with my N86,000, hardly was there anything strictly for her. Almost everything we bought were things we used at home and for the children. But when it was her turn to buy for me, i bought things for MYSELF! Shaving cream, boxers, stockings, slippers, DVDs, condoms, singlets, my kind of wine, (understand?) etc. Things me alone use!
It taught me a great lesson: most women are good. Most women are not greedy. All they want is show them you love them, you will catch them mugu for life!
Men, give your wives pocket money today. Cultivate the habit. Don’t say sebi she is working. 
And women, don’t say how much are you giving me gan sef. Kneel down and say thank you.
I hope I am in order?


  1. Beautiful piece. Showing this to dear hubby asap

  2. LOL. Thanks for stopping by my blog and by all means, show it to him o. ;) Mine would read this too. Hehehehe.

  3. Buki,

    Good read. And that's all it is - Good Read!

    The average Nigerian woman doesn't know how to give gift. They are way too comfortable in the receivers role.

    How bad would it be if gender roles of the characters in the above story are switched.

    All the same, it's better for the writer, his wife was reactive. Many other wives would have lazily chose to pay back in bed.

  4. What excited me the most? He recognised the mentality of women, homely matured women. Good read


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