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Monday, 6 July 2015

Looking Chic Around A Cheeky Child :)

Hi everyone, how are we all doing? I do apologize for being M.I.A over the weekend. I really couldn't help being away from blogging. I will do better by you all. ;) 

So I want to share an experience I had with my daughter on Saturday. I was getting dressed to go out and I wore a lovely sleeveless white top which I thought looked fabulous on me (ahem ahem), but then little Miss Swags walks in and this happened;

Me: *preening in front of the mirror, feeling fly and all that*

Daughter: Mummy, are you a nurse?

Me: A nurse? o______O

Daughter: Yes, you look like a nurse!

Me: How? Is it because of my white top?

Daughter: Yes. It makes you look like a nurse. It doesn't go with your trousers.

Me: O__0 Ermmm, OK. *hurries away to rifle through wardrobe for a quick change*

Me: *Changes into a top with a closer colour to the pants I had on* *Mutters under my breath at the cheek of her* *Embarrassed much because I was really feeling myself earlier before little madam came with her big opinion* *Surprised at the transformation*

Me: *The change actually looks far better and more suitable than the white nurse's top* Well, well, well.......* :)

Daughter: This is much better mum. You look beautiful. :)

Me: *Melts into mushiness* :)

The lesson I took away from that encounter was that people see things differently, and the sooner you realize and accept this fact, the less arguments you would have and the better you would feel always. I actually got a lot of compliments and admiring looks regarding my outfit that day. It goes to show that wisdom and good advice can come from anyone, taking up the advice is entirely up to you.

#DontDull #NoOneKnowsItAll #LiveAndLearn #EnjoyYourWeek

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