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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Think About It......

So I read that a pastor in Vermont, USA has been sentenced to a year in a federal prison after refusing to wed gay couples and I am a bit miffed. While I think gays should be given their rights to love themselves and wed themselves because they are adults and are entitled to their decisions, I also think it is ridiculous to punish others who do not support their views. Handing a prison sentence to a pastor is also infringing on his human rights to decide on what his beliefs are. Why would they gays even approach the pastor when they already know what their religious stance are on these? I don't know how these rulings would end but if care is not taken, it won't be pretty.

I think we can all live and let live amicably.

Think about the words in the picture below and kindly share your thoughts about it. :)

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